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Proxy-Seller Review: How to Get Cheap Proxies

Still, looking for fast and reliable proxies? Here’s my latest Proxy-Seller review, one of the best proxy providers worldwide.

Their pricing structure is straightforward, and proxies inventory is impressive. You can buy a proxy server basically in any major country.

Let’s have a look at why Proxy-Seller is of the best proxy providers out there.

Proxy-Seller Overview

Proxy-Seller provides super-fast and fully anonymous proxies in many different packages, which can be tailored precisely to your needs.

Fast, anonymous, and scalable – that’s what matters.

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Here are just a few advantages of ProxySeller proxies:

  • Premium proxies available on flexible terms
  • Standard packages, wholesale and retail
  • Technical Support 24/7/365
  • Expert help with proxy setup
  • Proxy choice variety – 350 networks / 900 Subnets
  • Multifunctional user control panel
  • Combined discounts and regular promotional events
  • Availability of all major payment providers
  • Instant account activation
  • Multi-lingual support available across the whole world

Proxy-Seller Pricing, and Server Locations

Proxy-Seller offers proxies across the whole globe.

Depending on your project, you can choose between IPv4 or IPv6 proxy types:

  • IPv4 proxies – work with all sites, and programs
  • IPv6 proxies – work with Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Yandex

Here’s an IPv4 proxy server location list, and the latest pricing:

Proxy LocationPrice per 1 proxyLatest Offer
Australia$2,41Order Now
Austria$2,08Order Now
Bangladesh$2,32Order Now
Belarus$0,77Order Now
Belgium$1,55Order Now
Brazil$1,51Order Now
Bulgaria$1,51Order Now
Cambodia$2,00Order Now
Canada$2,32Order Now
China$2,57Order Now
Cyprus$2,00Order Now
Czech$2,57Order Now
Finland$2,32Order Now
France$1,79Order Now
Georgia$0,77Order Now
Germany$1,59Order Now
India$2,24Order Now
Indonesia$2,32Order Now
Iran$1,18Order Now
Italy$2,57Order Now
Japan$1,83Order Now
Kazakhstan$1,59Order Now
Latvia$2,57Order Now
Lithuania$1,02Order Now
Macedonia$2,32Order Now
Malaysia$1,79Order Now
Mexico$2,57Order Now
Moldova$2,57Order Now
Netherlands$1,59Order Now
Nigeria$2,00Order Now
Norway$2,32Order Now
Poland$1,59Order Now
Portugal$1,55Order Now
Romania$1,18Order Now
Russia$0,94Order Now
Serbia$1,18Order Now
Singapore$2,65Order Now
South Africa$2,00Order Now
South Korea$2,57Order Now
Spain$1,02Order Now
Sweden$2,57Order Now
Switzerland$2,41Order Now
Taiwan$1,59Order Now
Thailand$1,55Order Now
Turkey$1,55Order Now
UK$2,57Order Now
US$1.02Order Now
Venezuela$2,57Order Now

Here’s an IPv6 proxy server location list, and the latest pricing:

Proxy LocationPrice per 1 proxyLatest Offer
Canada$0,16Order Now
France$0,16Order Now
Germany$0,16Order Now
Netherlands$0,16Order Now
Russia$0,16Order Now
UK$0,16Order Now
US$0,16Order Now

The prices displayed above are per 1 proxy and apply to standard rental time.

The longer you rent and the more proxies you buy, the better discount you will get.

You can see the latest Proxy-Seller offers HERE.

Proxy-Seller’s Proxy Types

The variety of proxies available from Proxy-Seller is overwhelming. You can get pretty much any type of proxy, no matter what project you’re thinking of.

Here’s a list of all available proxies divided into categories:

Social media proxies:

  • Proxies for Instagram
  • Proxies for Facebook
  • Proxies for Periscope
  • Proxies for YouTube
  • Proxies for Pinterest

Parsing proxies:

  • Proxies for Google
  • Proxies for Yandex

Online games proxies:

  • Proxies for Steam
  • Proxies for Travian
  • Proxies for Lineage 2
  • Proxies for Origin
  • Proxies for ArcheAge
  • Proxies for WOT
  • Proxies for WoW
  • Proxies for Silkroad
  • Proxies for Runescape

Software and marketplace proxies:

  • Proxies for online bookmakers
  • Proxies for Amazon
  • Proxies for eBay
  • Proxies for Kaspersky
  • Proxies for TeamViewer
  • Proxies for Sneakers
  • Proxies for Jarvee


Proxy-Seller has been on the market for quite some years now and continues to deliver very fast proxies at unbeatable prices.

Considering the number of different proxy types Proxy-Seller offers, this is without any doubt one of the best proxy providers out there.

To get the best deal possible, visit Proxy-Seller, or simply click the button below.

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