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PlugRush Review: Worthless Trash Made of Bots

So, you would like to read an honest PlugRush review, but all you can find on the internet are fake positive reviews?

I feel your pain, but rest assured, here is my honest review of that dodgy network.

All positive PlugRush reviews are fake

First of all, if you come across any website telling you how awesome PlugRush is, notice that there’s always an affiliate link or button inviting you to click on it.

plugrush fake positive 1
One of those fake positive ratings about PlugRush.

Once you fall for it, the person who wrote that review will be rewarded with 5% of either your income or spending with PlugRush.

plugrush fake positive 2
Another example of a fake positive PlugRush review.

And that’s what those people do.

They will do whatever it takes to encourage you to join PlugRush through their affiliate link.

Never, ever click on such links. Even if you did, clear your browser history and cookies.

Mr Worthy

PlugRush traffic is 100% made of bots

I’ve tested PlugRush traffic quality in the past, and I can honestly say, that you have a better chance of winning a lottery than making a single conversion with PlugRush.

PlugRush traffic bounce rate is always 99-100%.

plugrush traffic bounce rate of 100 percent
All PlugRush visits are 1 second long and have a 100% bounce rate.

I have tested their popunders, display banners, native ads, and push ads.

All of them were 100% ROI negative, without a single conversion.

I have also carefully investigated their traffic quality.

All visits were equal to 1 second, mostly coming from exactly the same sources.

Even after spending a whole day blacklisting bot-generated sources, I was unable to find a single, genuine traffic source.

trying to find genuine plugrush traffic source meme
I’ve looked everywhere and couldn’t find a single, genuine PlugRush traffic source.

Because PlugRush network owners are dumb enough to share domain names, where all of the traffic is coming from, I was able to easily identify those websites and their quality.

As you can probably imagine, all of those websites were utter garbage, with little to no content, poorly designed, and literally cluttered with PlugRush ads appearing everywhere.

plugrush websites cluttered with spammy ads
Low-quality PlugRush websites are cluttered with spammy ads.

I have therefore checked their traffic volume with Semrush. Not a single one of them was getting any traffic at all.

Yet, they were generating hundreds of clicks within an hour directly to my offer.

Bot clicks to be exact. 1-second visits and 100% bounce rate.

PlugRush has more negative reviews than any other network

PlugRush popularity is low and it’s a slowly dying network. Nobody cares about joining them, because as an advertiser you lose money, and as a publisher, you don’t make any money.

Yet, if you compare PlugRush’s negative reviews to any other, way more popular network, like e.g. PopAds or PopCash, you will notice that the percentage of negative reviews is just huge.

plugrush bad reviews outweigh even fake positive reviews
The amount of PlugRush bad reviews outweighs even fake positive reviews!

Why is this happening then? Why 70-80% of all reviews are bad?

The answer is simple.

Although some cheap bloggers still praise PlugRush just to earn that little 5% of affiliate commission, real affiliate marketers don’t even bother with this network.

affiliate interest with plugrush is equal to zero
Real affiliate marketers don’t even bother with PlugRush!

That’s why PlugRush bad reviews outweigh those fake, positive reviews.

Simply put, nobody who does blogging for a living, would recommend such trash like PlugRush.

PlugRush negative reviews found on the internet

I’m pretty sure, that you have already seen some of them, but for those who never heard about PlugRush, here’s some interesting to read bad reviews, which I’ve made screenshots off.

plugrush negative review 1
First bad PlugRush review taken from Trustpilot.
plugrush negative review 2
Second bad PlugRush review taken from Trustpilot.
plugrush negative review 3
Third bad PlugRush review taken from Trustpilot.
plugrush negative review 4
Forth bad PlugRush review taken from Trustpilot.

As you can see, PlugRush is a true no-go, unless you really want to lose your hard-earned money.

If you think, that PlugRush is only bad for advertisers, you should think twice as a publisher before joining this shady network.

PlugRush shaves publishers of their earnings

They are known for not paying their publishers. And they do it constantly.

Their minimum withdrawal is $25 for PayPal, but before you will even get there, PlugRush will classify around 40-70% of your traffic as fraudulent, aka bot traffic.

plugrush shaves publishers of their revenue
PlugRush will shave you 70% of your income. Just because they can!

Even though your traffic is purely organic traffic and comes from Google or Bing, PlugRush will still shave you from earnings by as much as 70%.

That’s one way for them to make money.

Not only do advertisers get cheated with automated, high bounce rate bot visits, but also publishers are cheated too.

I have spoken with a few ex-members of PlugRush and they all confirmed, that PlugRush has stolen money from their accounts by stating, that their traffic was fake.

plugrush cheats even genuine webmasters
Many established websites with genuine traffic have already left PlugRush. Good for them!

I know their websites and I know they have already established authority within their niche, getting millions of visits each month.

As of now, they have already left PlugRush and joined some other, trustworthy networks, whereas publishers always get paid 100% of what they earn.

My final words about PlugRush

Without any doubts, PlugRush is one of the worst ad networks. Made of bots to drain money from advertisers, and shaving genuine publishers of their income.

Mr Worthy

There are a lot of genuine networks, like PopAds or PopCash, where you get paid for every single visitor to your website.

Don’t waste your time or money with PlugRush. You will thank me later!

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