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Is SEO Really Worth It

You spend weeks and months working hard on your website, and when you see absolutely no results, you start asking yourself: “Is SEO really worth it?”

I can assure you, that SEO is definitely worth your efforts.

If you really want to be successful with your online business, SEO must be your number one priority at all times.

Spending time on useless and shady SEO tactics

A lot of people keep thinking, that no matter what SEO change they will make on their website, the result of that change will skyrocket their site on Google.

Well, I have already explained how long SEO takes, and believe me or not, this process takes months. More like 6-12 months.

man in a black hat
Some people just don’t like ethical white hat SEO.

Human nature is weird. We want everything NOW.

Because people can’t see any effects for such a long time, they usually end up on Google searching for some black hat SEO tactics, like buying backlinks, keyword-stuffing, or even worse – creating scraped, automated content.

This is a complete waste of time, and they will do more harm than good to their websites.

Mr Worthy

There is no shortcut in SEO

I have said that many times, but I will repeat it again:

There is no shortcut in SEO. It takes such a long time for a reason – to get rid of low quality websites run by inexperienced, impatient people, who provide absolutely no value to their users.

Mr Worthy
man in a suit thinking on taking a shortcut through the maze
SEO is a long process of building trust with Google. No shortcuts allowed!

SEO requires patience, systematic improvements, and ease in adapting to constant changes made by search engines like Google and Bing.

What I mean by that is the fact, that whatever you do today on your website from an SEO point of view, may not work after, let’s say, 3-5 years of time.

It will be on you to adapt to current trends and constantly improve SEO on your website.

Can SEO become impossible to do

I wouldn’t worry about this as of now.

Current SEO is completely different from the one seen back in 2010.

A lot of changes happened over the course of a decade and those changes were good and fairly manageable to implement.

SEO trends frequently change
SEO is evolving way faster than it was back in 2010.

Sites that coped with trends, survived. Sites that chose a different path, had already vanished or they still hang around buried somewhere on page 250+ of Google.

Will there be any major shift in the way SEO works right now?

Yes, I believe so. And it’s already happening.

Mr Worthy

Google has recently announced an update, which basically punishes websites for any sort of shady backlink tactics.

Those affected can already be seen on the Google Webmaster forum crying about losing around 90% of their traffic or being completely de-indexed from Google.

laptop with Google sign and update icon
One of the recent Google updates caught those cheating with backlinks.

Some even share their websites there as an act of desperation.

Unfortunately for them, people like me, like to investigate such websites. And in 9 out of 10 cases a simple Ahrefs report explains, why those websites were on Google’s blacklist.

Shady, black hat SEO backlinks. Is it really worth it?

Mr Worthy

So, is SEO really worth it or not

SEO is always worth it. It’s a “must-do” part of every website on the internet and if done right, almost always guarantees huge traffic and prominent positions on Google.

All you have to do is stick to it.

white hat placed on SEO wooden cubic letters
Stick with a white hat, and ethical SEO and you’re already a winner!

White hat ethical SEO will get you to the top of Google, where you will stay for months or even years.

Do not try to game Google. It’s not worth losing everything you worked on in a matter of one night, due to a single Google update.

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