how long does it take to make $500 per month blogging

How long does it take to make $500 per month blogging

Pretty much every single person who is just starting out with a blog website always asks the same question: “How long does it take to make $500 per month blogging?”

Seems like that $500 per month is sort of a milestone. Before reaching it a lot of people give up on their websites, simply because it takes too long for them to generate such income based purely on advertising.

I will now clearly explain, how long it takes and what steps you should take to cross that magic number.

How long does it take to make $500 per month blogging

It takes on average 9-12 months to reach an income of $500 per month blogging. This timeframe is purely based on:

  • providing super-helpful and original content on your blog
  • having published at least 30, high-value blog posts
  • monetizing your blog only with Adsense
  • relying solely on organic traffic, e.g. Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.
  • not doing any social media marketing (no social media profiles, no paid ads, etc.)
  • not doing any link building, thus relying only on the search engine indexing process
  • working on creating content for around 2-3 hours each day

This is only an average prediction.

If your blog contains way less than 30 blog posts, or if the content of those blog posts does not stand out and provides additional value in comparison to other resources (e.g. other blogs), then this time may extend to even 24 months.

When I say high-quality blog posts, I mean that each blog post:

  • is its very own piece of original research
  • has at least 600-800 words
  • is optimized with infographics and/or data tables
  • is spell-checked and free of major grammar errors
  • is properly interlinked with other, relevant blog posts on your website
  • is optimized for mobile devices, thus looks good and loads in under 2,5 seconds

Those are fundamentals in creating a blog, which will make you $500 per month in around 9-12 months.

How to make $500 per month blogging in less than 6 months

First of all, let me assure you, that making $500 per month blogging is completely doable in less than 6 months.

However, you need to do a lot more than just write blog posts on your website.

$500 per month blogging in less than 6 months involves on average:

  • clear monetization strategy, e.g. ads only, affiliate marketing only, or both monetization methods combined
  • joining a high eCPM ad network, like Ezoic
  • creating and maintaining social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • active link building with high-quality guest posting sites (1-2 backlinks each day)
  • working on your blog for around 6-8 hours every single day

This approach guarantees you will reach $500 per month blogging in less than 6 months.

However, you should notice this is more like a full-time job instead of additional income, so if you want to make it happen, make sure you have enough money to survive on.

Mr Worthy’s tested 6-month strategy to kick-start your website

I have created a simple schedule below to give you an idea of what and when should be done to get you to $500 per month blogging in less than 6 months.

Month 1

  • 15 blog posts
  • website fully set up and optimized for SEO
  • social media accounts created and updated each time you publish a new article
  • Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Bing Webmaster Tools are connected to your website

Month 2

  • another 15 blog posts
  • social media accounts updated each time you publish a new piece of content
  • work on your internal backlinks, by interlinking blog posts with keywords you’re trying to rank for

Month 3

  • 10 new blog posts
  • social media constantly updated
  • you need to do whatever it takes to create 30 backlinks via guest posting sites
  • anchor tags should contain relevant keywords you’re trying to rank for
  • you need to join 2-3 affiliate programs and start implementing their affiliate links across your website

Month 4

  • another 10 blog posts
  • social media routine in motion
  • create another 30 backlinks by guest posting
  • Ezoic ads have already been implemented on your blog
  • join another 2-3 affiliate programs and write content around their products.
  • always join your niche-related affiliate programs to properly target your audience

Month 5

  • no blog posts
  • social media always updated either with your own content or news within your industry

This month is crucial and needs to be spent on aggressive marketing to kick-start your website. 100+ backlinks created (3-4 a day) through different sources: guest posting, forum signatures, profiles on related websites – anywhere where you can leave a link to your website.

By the end of month 5, you should have all Ezoic ads optimized, as well as affiliate links placed across a whole website. You will also start receiving some serious traffic volumes.

Month 6

  • 10 new blog posts
  • social media updated with your newly added content
  • keep creating backlinks (1-2 a day), as this will be your routine for the next few months

You will see a significant traffic spike by the end of month 6. If you have done everything correctly and did not skip any step, you should end month six with well over $500, where most of which will be coming from your affiliate programs.


Passive income of $500 per month blogging isn’t really passive. You have to sacrifice a big chunk of your life and a lot of work at the start, to finally reach that magic target.

Once you acquired around 300 backlinks, you can sit back and focus only on writing, and updating social media accounts, as soon as a new piece of content is published.

You will start getting new backlinks naturally from people sharing your content across the internet.

Keep writing and optimizing your website.

It will only be a matter of time before $500 per month will turn into $5000 per month!

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