Purpose of this website is to provide the best reviews on software or other digital tools that will help you succeed as an adult webmaster.

Although I do spend most of the time creating valuable information based on my personal research, I cannot guarantee, that you will be successful with your online adult venture.

From my personal experience I know, that a lot of people simply don’t follow what they read on the internet.

If every single person visiting my blog would follow exactly the way I describe things here, online world would be way more safer than it is right now.

I always do my best to recommend a very niche, cherry-picked solutions, so you as an adult webmaster can implement them and build your adult website the way it should be built.

Because you, as a person reading this blog, will be implementing everything by yourself, me as a reviewer cannot be held responsible for anything that relates and is not limited to:

  • wrong code implementation
  • incorrect server setup
  • wrongly chosen ad networks
  • messing around with WordPress core files
  • tinkering with core files of recommended themes, plugins, etc.

It is strongly recommended that you know what you’re doing. If you’re not entirely sure on how to install or modify something, make sure you seek some professional help, e.g. by reading forums.

Before you do anything yourself, always perform a back-up on your server.

“Better safe than sorry” they say.

Apart from that, simply enjoy your time here and keep learning on building your adult business!

Thanks for reading.

Mr Worthy