are popunder ads effective

Are Popunder Ads Effective

Are popunder ads effective?

Many claim they are, but look at who makes such claims.

So, are popunder ads effective or not

No. They are the most hated form of advertising. Although they are less invasive than pop-ups, which literally pop up in front of you when browsing a website, they are still classified as unwanted ad types. 99,7 of popunder ads are closed and completely ignored by online users.

Let’s be honest.

Nobody likes popunders.

Mr Worthy

And there’s no special science behind this statement.

angry internet user after seeing too many ads
Absolutely nobody likes popunder ads. Most people simply leave when one appears.

Simply, because there are too many of them, and 99,9% of them are designed the way to basically ruin visitors’ experience.

Mobile user experience is even worse, as there is no 100% effective ad blocking software out there available for those browsing on phones.

What makes popunder ads so annoying

Popunder ads are an intrusive form of advertising.

As their name says, these ads pop under the content you’re currently browsing.

They usually appear as a separate browser window, or recently as an additional tab within the same browser.

Users spot such things immediately and hit the “Close” button sometimes even before the popunder ad fully loads in.

meme about nerd outsmarting annoying popunders
Users close popunder ads even before they fully open.

This is to prevent any unexpected sounds or actions a particular ad may create without user consent.

Because popunder ads and their code are designed to forcefully open, they are considered as malware and therefore completely blocked by ad blocking software.

Some popunder ads sneak in and bypass ad blocks, but even those get closed really quickly by users themselves.

Many other websites claim that popunders are awesome


Just notice what websites make such claims.

Websites claiming that popunder ads are still effective, in 99% of cases are businesses selling such ads or businesses, that offer paid tracking tools for advertisers.

This is their way of making money, and because they sell such ad formats, they will do anything to describe popunder ads as the best form of advertising.

meme about indian telemarketer claiming that popunders are effective
Ad networks will do anything to make you believe that popunder ads are still effective.

Never, ever trust what such websites write about.

Mr Worthy

It is simply the way they market their products to acquire new customers, either publishers or advertisers.

Websites claiming that popunder ads are effective are those selling such ads. Don’t trust them under any circumstances.

Is there a way to make popunder ads likable

Unfortunately not.

Anything appearing without user consent is considered intrusive and always lowers user experience.

Google announced many times, that websites running such advertising will be shadow-banned from Google Search.

I have personally spoken with a few webmasters, who stated that their website traffic literally plummeted when they implemented popunders on their sites.

meme about google manual penalty - Will Smith slapping Chris Rock
Google penalizes every single website, that serves popunder ads to their users.

Because Google always wants to provide the best user experience, they will do whatever it takes, to get rid of low-quality sites, including those that provide a bad experience with intrusive popunders.

So, if you are a webmaster and you really care about your audience, never use such kind of monetization technique on your website.

There are plenty of other ad formats, that are effective and user-friendly.

Popunder ads are definitely not one of them.


If you see people telling you, that popunder ads are effective, I beg you to ignore them.

Not only you will save a lot of money as an advertiser, but most importantly you will provide a much better experience to your users.

it's not worth it meme
It’s simply not worth the risk!

Popunder ads are not worth losing everything you’ve worked on – your valuable website traffic.

Mr Worthy

If you really need to run ads on your website, consider display banners, native ads, or any ads that blend in with your content and don’t interrupt the user experience.

Avoid intrusive ad formats, such as popunder ads, at all times.

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